Craftsman® Wood Pellet Grill Project
Work performed:
2D illustrations
Market research
Technical drawings
Define product features and specifications
Collaboration with manufacturing to create sample units
Product testing and iteration
Initial concept art for a new wood pellet grill branded under the Craftsman® line utilizing advanced features, including; LED lighting, Bluetooth-connected controls, and autonomous cooking modes.
Grill design encompasses three sizes; 22-in, 34-in, and 38-in (shown in illustration above). Industry-first convenience lighting system incorporates 18 LEDs to illuminate food prep surfaces, inside the smoke chamber, and the area around the unit when grilling at night.
Illustration of components inside the smoke chamber.
34-in model shown with dimensions and product specs.
Bluetooth control panel features and specs.
Testing sample control panel.
Fully-functional samples.
Previewing LED lighting system on sample units. 
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